Shree Sai International

Shree Sai International is a company based on the structure of a sole proprietorship. We source our raw materials from trusted suppliers domestically and across the world. Our sister concern tannery processes the raw leather to produce finished leather that match our customer’s requirements. with their expertise of craftsmanship we produce finely tuned leather goods and accessories.

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Adherence to etiquette and striving to improve To adopt and implement new customer-oriented marketing management approach, techniques and to maintain business activities. Keeping an open mind towards technological advancements and continuous improvement in production which is an integral part of development and growth.

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Our Legacy

Shree Sai International which is Basically Leather Manufacturer for Shoes , Garments and Goods,currently transitioning into its Manufacturing of Leather Garments & leather products . The company was founded by S.Iyyappa Prasad in 2017 , who is currently the founder and CEO of the firm. Prior to Shree Sai International , his ancestors were involved in the trade of various types of Finished leather this helped Prasad to understand the leather trade and drew him towards starting his own manufacturing unit of various leather products and Garments .